Hey, I'm Judith!

Welcome to my blog and podcast, The Chic Immigrant . . .
a stylish new way to experience living, loving and blossoming in a new country.

Everything from contrasting cultures, new languages and homesickness, to feelings of loneliness and loss of identity is treated to a chic makeover so that you can create an inspired life in your new country with Confidence, Style and Joy.


Styles her life to feel joy.

She styles the way she thinks, the way she dresses, the way she relates to others, her conversations, her home, the environments she chooses to be in, her desires, beliefs and possibilities, all for one main purpose . . . to feel joy.

The chic immigrant knows who she is.

More than what nationality she is. More than the cultures she’s experienced. She knows who she is in her heart, as a woman, as a human, and she cultivates that on purpose.

The chic immigrant is captivated by life and by the fascinating variety of ways in which to live it.

She delights in being completely and joyously herself while enjoying the delicious freedom of allowing everyone else to be completely themselves.

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In a nutshell, the chic immigrant chooses to live her life
with Confidence, Style and Joy . . .

Wherever she is in the world.


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Reinventing Yourself With Joy in a New Country

for you, by me :-)
Judith Krieger

A celebration of you . . .
Your courage, resourcefulness and all the awesome qualities that you developed in moving to a new country with a new language and new culture.  Your exciting evolution continues.

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Whether it be for fun, for connection, or for making an additional income, many women have found great contentment by sharing their native language with others.

It has often helped them find their place within their new culture, creating a very real bridge linking their heritage and their adopted culture.  Their confidence skyrocketed, and they experienced so much joy. Maybe you'd love it, too!

Come and explore the idea of sharing your native language with super fun language sessions for children.

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